In Spirit by Jimmi Buscombe

In Spirit by Jimmi Buscombe


THE EMPRESS- Red Tailed Black Cockatoo

420mm x 594mm (A2)
Float framed in plantation Tasmanian Oak with Japan black stain and beeswax varnish.

The female Red-tailed Black Cockatoo embodies the energy of The Empress with her feminine power, elegance and loyalty. Her striking and intricate black, red and yellow plumage commands presence, whilst at the same time she provides loving nurturance to her family, carefully lining her nest with eucalyptus leaves and soft bark. Cockatoos partner for life, groom each other, forage together and lie side by side as they sleep. The Empress calls us to view our desire to care for others as a form of creative expression and a gift that brings abundance, sensuality and beauty into the life of those we love.
Each limited-edition print is hand-finished with metallic inks, printed on 320gsm OBA and acid free archival quality cotton-rag paper and comes signed and numbered by Jimmi.

You can remove this item off the wall at your convenience upon purchase or if you would like it shipped to you post-exhibit contact ArtEverywhere on 0439 615 270 to arrange shipping and overall payment.

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