Together we thrive by Jimmi Buscombe

Together we thrive by Jimmi Buscombe


500mm x 500mm
Float framed in plantation Tasmanian Oak with natural beeswax varnish.

The New Holland Honey Eater is a master pollinator, vital to the reproduction of over 100 Australian native plants through the plundering of bush flowers for nectar and the subsequent spread of pollen. Also highly protective of each other, when danger approaches a new holland honeyeater, a group of honeyeaters will form together and give a warning call to their friend. Our native honey eater holds a deeply co-operative spirit, not only toward her tribe but to the environment that supports her. She teaches us that we are all deeply connected, in isolation we are vulnerable, but together we thrive. Each limited edition print is hand-finished with metallic inks and comes hand signed and numbered by Jimmi.

You can remove this item off the wall at your convenience upon purchase or if you would like it shipped to you post-exhibit contact ArtEverywhere on 0439 615 270 to arrange shipping and overall payment.

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