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Sarah Gabriel

The early exposure of rural life has influenced Sarah's love and respect for nature and provides a never ending source of inspiration. The pianola works are another avenue of her expression and a perfect union for her passion for music and fine art.

After completing various studies in fine art and majoring in printmaking and drawing, Sarah began exhibiting art in group and solo shows around Australia, with an interest in works on paper, dry-point etching and painting.

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Jimmi Buscombe

Jimmi Buscombe is a professional artist based on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia. He specialises in highly detailed portraiture, integrating a range of methods and mediums including pencil, paint and pastel to create stunningly life like representations of his subjects.

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Mike Rings

New Zealand born artist Mike Rings has been capturing the majesty and allure of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria Australia for nearly 20 years. Inspired by the sweeping beaches, lonely sail boats and crashing waves Mike is a regular feature on Mornington’s foreshores. In 2016 Mike Rings gallery was opened in Flinders and it has become an artistic mecca for the area.

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